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Modern Lighting

If you adore simplicity, minimalism and Scandinivian design, try bring this style home with our modern lighting collection. Have you been busy doing up your living space? Or do you just want to add an eye catching feature to make your room really shine? There are now so many ways to add that final touch and a great way is with the lights you choose to install. Lighting plays an atmospheric role in any household, but what kind of atmosphere are you looking to create? >>Readmore

Lighting matters in every household, let’s think about your house. The first point for you to think about is what kind of ambience you want to create from room to room. Keep in mind each space can have a different feel. Look to vary your lighting choice, you may want your kitchen to be brighter or your bedroom to become a place of pure relaxation; this can all be created easily through your lighting decisions.

The beauty with modern lighting is that it is forever changing and day by day it is becoming more innovative, mixing new fascinating designs with your favourite all time classics. This means you have picked the perfect time to modernise your surroundings, decide if you are you looking for a chic fashion piece or a stylish spin on something a little more retro.

You have a lot to choose from so, where do you start? Have a look at modern lights online, you will be instantly amazed with the options and designs available for your home. Amonson lighting gives a great selection in every shape and size. Some of most popular designs for you to consider include the modern chandelier which is a great way to avoid heavy dulling shadows. Modern chandeliers are now incredibly light weight and much more individual. Chandeliers are back in fashion and this time with a fresh feel, you can use them in rooms you want to brighten up. However, modern pendant lighting can be used to do the opposite. You will easily create a tranquil and calm environment as pendant lighting gives off unique shadows on your surroundings, whether it’s your living room, bedroom or bathroom you have the ability to transform it into your dream space using these simple light fixtures. Varying in size, shape and colour these pendants can be combined together as smaller pendants or you could be bold and let them shine alone.

At Amonson we know the importance of lighting; it will impact your life in a very positive way. So before you decide on which stylish lighting fixture is going up next in your house, take a minute. Think about what you want your house to say about you, how you want it to come across to others and most importantly how you want to feel when you turn on those lights. Do you entertain friends and family, do you love to relax on the sofa or do you have a serious fashion addiction. Whatever your answer is to this, at Amonson you will find the perfect lighting to make your house your home.

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Product Description: The Deluxe pendant light by Murano Due is designed by Archirivolto. It is comprised of a contemporary, brown chromed metal - a design inspired by the ancient tradition of grinding glass with a modern effect. This collection is offered with ceiling and table versio..
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