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You have a lot of things to worry about when it comes to interior design. What colour should your walls be? What type of flooring should you use? What about furniture? All those are important things to consider, but lighting is the cherry on top. Proper lighting enhances the overall look of your home, adding or taking away space as needed. >>Readmore

At Amonson Lighting, we specialise in LED lights and designer lights that not only look beautiful, but are functional while consuming less energy. We have a wide selection of contemporary, modern, rustic, industrial, and designer lighting to suit any style of interior.

Before anything else, light has to be functional. Chandeliers are not just used for decoration; they are in entryways, open foyers, and large rooms because they provide excellent central illumination. Amonson Lighting has different styles of chandeliers that would light up any large, open space while blending in seamlessly with the overall décor of your home.

Yet chandeliers aren't just used for large spaces; they also look great hanging over your intimate dining area. This is actually the more traditional use of chandeliers. Our Camilla Crystal and Iron Chandelier is one such example for your dining room lighting. It features round hanging crystals and is highlighted in dark amber, so if you have wooden living and dining space with dark floors, it will blend in perfectly.

If your taste is somewhat leaning towards old-fashioned, Amonson Lighting has you covered. Our Black Finish Glass Lantern Chandelier mimics the traditional period of smokebell lanterns. It's simple, clean, and full of unique personality as you are!

If you live in a loft or prefer a more industrial lighting to match the rest of your home, Rope Filament Round Chandelier is your best choice. This one uses Edison-style filament bulbs that take you right back to the 19th century industrial age. It's built in steel and the wiring is not visible from the outside.

Because chandeliers are typically large and the most visible lighting fixture, the type of chandeliers you use to decorate your home reveal a lot about your personality and style. Do you gravitate more towards classic, timeless look, or are you into more modern and contemporary design? Chandeliers that complement the rest of your interior will tell a story to your visitors.   

Consider Amonson Lighting as your best source to buy chandeliers online. Our in-stock products leave our warehouse within 2 business days. Made-to-order products dispatches from our warehouse in 6 to 8 weeks.

If you're interested in our lighting and best chandeliers Australia has to offer, you can always visit our website at We offer a live chat Monday through Friday at from 10am to 5pm AEDT. Make your space a bit fancier with chanderliers. 

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Rustic in style, simple in form and grandly sized, our hand-forged chandelier designed BY industrial blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte makes an elegant statement. Drawing inspiration from early 20th century industrial fixtures, it's built of stout angle iron...
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-This stunning chandelier features a vintage-chic design that will elevate any interior space in need of the graceful warmth of candlelight, no matter the décor style.-This chandelier's forged ring is held in place by distinctive rods and links, and the candle-style lights provide a warm, invit..
Ex Tax:$662.73
Inspired by the expressive music in Jazz. The pendant light features versatility that offers the possibility of inclining the angle of the piece by adjusting the height of the magnet cable at any time. The pendant light is sure to make a statement with the exquisite and elegant features...
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The Filament chanderlier is a streamlined, geometric fixture showcases. The luminescence and amber-orange glow of the original 1910 Edison-style filament bulb cast a mood-setting ambient light.                ..
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The Filament chanderlier is a streamlined, geometric fixture showcases. The luminescence and amber-orange glow of the original 1910 Edison-style filament bulb cast a mood-setting ambient light.                ..
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     CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR GLOBES              ..
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     CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR GLOBES              ..
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A precise reproduction of an antique light with an industrial past, our pendent operates on a die-cast pulley system.                ..
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