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Wall Sconce

Wall lighting is one of the essential elements of interior design. Besides the practicality of allowing you to see at night, lighting can create various atmospheres. With well-placed lights in key areas, your room can transform to reflect different moods and ambience. You can also change the perceived size of a room, making it seem bigger than it really is. That instantly adds more square footage to your home! >>Readmore

How Lighting Can Manage Colour

Light-coloured walls make a room appear larger and more open. This illusion is created by light bouncing off the surface of the walls. If you want to reduce the perceived size of a large room that can look dreary, you can paint your walls in darker colours and let the wall lights do their job.

Lights as Decoration

Lighting has to be first and foremost functional, but you can't ignore tasteful decoration in favour of functionality. At Amonson Lighting, we have a selection of unique, decorative wall and sconce lights to bring life into your home. Here is just a small selection of what we offer:

Our Industrial Iron Pipe Wall Lamp doubles as a heavy-duty bookshelf. If you're a bibliophile, there is no better light choice than to incorporate what you love best. The pipes bend and turn into different forms, offering you a multitude of possibilities to organise your favorite book collection to your heart's content.

If you want something more quirky, we have a replica of Titanic Wall Lamp. It's named not because that's what the sunken ship used, but because it looks like it's sinking into the water. It's interesting to look at and will be a conversation starter for your home's visitors.

For loft-dwellers who crave more "industrial" feel to their lights, a replica of Pipe Wall Light is a series of tubular lights made with aluminum. The exterior is coated with the matt powder, providing a contrast to the shimmering anodised interior finish.

LED lights are more effective at saving on your energy bill. There are many LED lights that are practical but still come in different styles. Our Square Wall Light has a built-in light source while providing your home with a more modern and contemporary look.

Celeste Wall Lamp is more of an artwork, with its faceted and smooth glass droplets. This is the lamp to have if your home has more of a classic, timeless feeling with antique furniture.

Combine Functionality and Style

With Amonson Lighting, you can add a combination of functionality and style to your house, without sacrificing one or the other. Our selection of wall and sconce lighting will fit the mood of your home whether you're looking for classic, contemporary, industrial, or retro.

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The Bocci 14 Series wall light is low voltage and is composed in atmospheric configurations. Each individual sconce is a cast glass half sphere with a frosted cylindrical void which houses the LED globe. Cast glass is an organic process - imperfect by nature - so each piece produced is unique...
Ex Tax:$135.00
The wall light is machined by hand from solid brass. All parts are hand polished...
Ex Tax:$250.00
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