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Outdoor Lighting

While lighting is often spoken of in terms of interior design, outdoor lighting can be the make or break first impression to your home, business or property. From floodlights to spotlights, outdoor lighting can give the impression of grandeur welcomes or more of a privatised feel. Whether you want to give a personal home touch or a professional business statement, Amonson Lighting has the perfect choice of outdoor lighting to cater to your interests. Buying outdoor lights online may seem daunting, but thanks to our site’s easy to use navigation, live team chat, catalogue, wish list and so much more, you’ll find it easier than ever before. >>Readmore

To set the tone for your exterior, you need to consider the character, style and function you wish to portray for your property. LED coloured lights may give a fun, friendly feel to a family garden but may not suit a professional law firm, for example. Floodlighting may be perfect for large exterior areas but may overwhelm a small front garden. Furthermore, outdoor lighting can be a fantastic safety addition to your property, be it commercial or domestic. For this purpose choose more intense lights; for a more decorative feel, use softer, warmer colours and less bright lighting. While floodlighting is considered merely for large commercial spaces and safety purposes, it can also be utilised for decorative purposes, such as casting spotlights on trees and statues, giving fantastic shadow effects.  For a commercial feel, think how durable, efficient and cost effective the outdoor lighting you select is for your property.

LED lighting is an essential aspect of outdoor lighting, and we have a LED lighting section to cater specifically to this. Our LED lights range from down lights to high bay to strip lights to floodlight and everything in between. Our accessories section let’s you browse for LED drivers, and our easy to read specifications are labelled in green so you can determine the strength, type and eco/cost effectiveness of the light you’re purchasing. LED lighting is particularly useful if you want to determine intensity and colour.

Maintenance and installation are two important aspects of outdoor lighting made simple with Amonson Lighting’s easy to install and vandal proof outdoor lighting. One thing you should consider is the area you have to work with. You should take measurements of the exterior of your property prior to purchasing outdoor lighting, however if you are unsure of how to do so or if you would like a second opinion, you can chat to our live chat team.

Shedding new light on your property, commercial or domestic, can easily be done so with Amonson Lighting. Outdoor lighting sets the tone for a property before even stepping foot in it; and if the impression you wish to give is a safe, professional, well-lit, well-focused exterior, Amonson Lighting has the tools to provide you with that impression. For lighting, bulbs and accessories that are economical, fit for the purpose, and easy to maintain, you will find everything you need on our site. 

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