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Floor Lamp

Lighting as an interior design element is something akin to magic. It can add or subtract space depending on the colour of the walls and control the overall mood of the house, while being incredibly functional. Without lighting choices that are well thought-out, no interior design can be considered complete. >>Readmore

When furnishing a house, people tend to focus on lighting fixtures that illuminate the largest space possible; overhead lights, chandeliers, wall lights are some of the examples. But having too many overhead lighting fixtures can take away from the intimate and romantic nature of the bedroom. Some key floor lamps placed at an eye level create warmth and closeness, while providing much-needed asymmetry in a house full of order. They can fit in tight corners and breathe life into an otherwise colourless room.

Amonson Lighting is an online one-stop shop specialising in designer and modern lighting. We recognise the importance of having stylish yet functional floor lamps; hence we offer a wide range to suit any decorating style. Lighting should not only be functional, it should reflect your lifestyle, taste in interior design, and personality, all the while not clash with the rest of the house. That is no easy feat, but you'll find something uniquely yours at Amonson Lighting. Here are just a fraction of the floor lamps that we offer:

If you're looking for something industrial that would work well in your loft, our Construction Floor Lamp replica should suit you well. Available in white or black, it's a fun way to personalise your décor. To add a dramatic touch to your living room while not being too distracting, a replica of Modern Toric Floor Lamp is a high quality lamp that combines both style and function. It's also understated enough to work well in your office or bedroom.

Artemide Cadmo Floor Lamp replica is for you if you like contemporary design. This lamp has soft indirect lights pointing upwards, with diffused light along the vertical aperture, creating a clean and simple atmosphere that resembles a museum.

The great thing about lighting and different designs of floor lamps is that no matter what interior décor you prefer, there's a lighting that can go along with that style. If you want retro, you can bet that you'll find something that resembles the 70s or 80s era. Whether you are looking for a floor lamp that's modern, contemporary, vintage, industrial, rustic, or plain functional, you're bound to find it at Amonson Lighting. To view our complete catalogue of floor lamps online, visit our website at Our live chat assistant from Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm AEDT will answer any questions you may have regarding our products or company.

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