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Glass Pendant Lights

When it comes to kitchen and living room design, making the best use of a small space is every designer’s challenge. For smaller spaces, the most popular design route to go down is to try to use bright colours - particularly white, add chrome or stainless steel appliances and surfaces in the kitchen, hang mirrors and utilise glass to maximise the natural light and illuminate the room, creating the illusion of a bigger space...Read More

Monochromatic colours are a must, choosing furniture with raised legs or those that are transparent is wise while solid continuous flooring can also make a room look far more spacious. In addition, one of the most important elements to get right is your choice of lighting. Glass pendant lighting is highly recommended when trying to create the illusion of a bigger space. It is important to have lighting at floor, eye and table level to limit the appearance of shadows.

Glass pendant lights also help to bounce natural light around so whether you’re trying to make a space appear larger or brighter, they can be a really clever addition. What is especially great about glass pendant lighting is that they complement traditional and contemporary design. They are even a great choice when trying to achieve an “industrial” look and feel. So simple yet so luxurious looking, glass pendant lighting fixtures are timeless. Their simplicity only serves to amaze. The colour scheme and theme of your kitchen or living room may change but your choice of lighting won’t have to, as glass pendant lighting fixtures are ever so versatile.

At Amonson Lighting, we are proud to offer some of the most beautiful Glass Pendant Lights Australia has to offer. Our Industrial Glass Pendant lights and Rustic Glass Pendant lights are perfect for complementing exposed brickwork and surfaces and tables constructed from repurposed wooden materials. Our Pressed Glass Pendant lights are available in a variety of shapes – bowl, lens and tube – each of which compliments both traditional and modern interior design. A cluster of our Pressed Glass Pendant lights can look particularly striking. Want to add some delightful rustic beauty to a space in your home? Our Calhoun Glass Pendant light is the perfect option for you.

Whatever lighting options you require, the Amonson Lighting online store is your one-stop-shop. We also have a wide selection of concrete pendant lights and copper pendant lights. We are Australia’s specialist online provider of contemporary, modern, industrial and designer lighting options. We understand how important lighting is to achieving your desired interior design look and feel. We present the ideal expansive selection of impressive, high quality lighting options coupled with competitive pricing to make finding the right lighting for your space a whole lot easier.

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Each of our Rustic Glass Pendants is entirely hand blown, lending unique striations and markings.                      ..
Ex Tax:$286.36
Each of our Rustic Glass Pendants is entirely hand blown, lending unique striations and markings. The hand-applied finish on its top and sleeve adds a striking contrast. -Diameter 22cm, Height 29cm -Blackened finish  -Handblown bell shade ..
Ex Tax:$95.00
The rustic beauty of handblown glass lends warmth to our Calhoun Glass Pendant...
Ex Tax:$125.00
Ex Tax:$542.98
Ex Tax:$208.18
Ex Tax:$199.09
Ex Tax:$190.00
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