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Lighting Store & Pendant Lights Perth

Lighting is absolutely integral to the ambience of any room and Amonson Lighting understands this well. Having been named the best lighting store in Perth, we, at Amonson Lighting, pride ourselves on providing the most extensive variety of lighting solutions on the market today. Our goal is to offer products that are cost and energy efficient without compromising on looks and quality, because we don’t have to. Achieving a great lighting solution at a reasonable cost that is environmentally friendly is possible with Amonson Lighting. With such a great selection of outdoor and indoor lights, you won’t have to shop anywhere else...Read More

Publications like Real Living and The Block have named Amonson Lighting the best Lighting Store Perth has to offer its residents. Specialising in contemporary, modern and designer lighting with rustic, retro and industrial options available as well, Amonson Lighting caters to the needs of all sorts of spaces. We also understand your need to be surrounded by the finer things in life, which is why we provide contemporary floor lamps, designer desk lamps, retro table lamps, designer wall lights, modern or rustic pendant lights and so much more.

Ultimately, lighting is essential to the overall success of any design, as it provides the final touch to a space looking to create a specific ambience. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a bar, restaurant, bedroom, living room or a trendy office, you get to choose what you want to choose and we will help you get there. Our friendly staff of customer service representatives will also help you find your desired product on our site if need be.

Catering to the needs of both exterior and interior design projects, we are best known for our huge selection of pendant lighting solutions. At Amonson Lighting, you will find everything from glass pendant lights, concrete, copper, kitchen pendant lights, industrial, mini, wood & timber and many more pendant lighting solutions.

They have been proven to be highly functional, extremely stylish and convenient in the sense that they take up very little ground space as a whole. Pendant lights looks great on their own or grouped up in multiples, depending on the look you are aiming to achieve. We have been able to help furnish many homes in Perth with our pendant lighting solutions, which is why we believe we provide the best Pendant lighting Perth has to offer.

Tired of the same old lighting solutions? Looking for something special? Having a hard time honing in on the best Pendant lights Perth has to offer? Amonson Lighting is sure to answer all of your questions, quickly and easily and provide immediate solutions as well. Give us a call today on 1300 55 15 95.